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  • Why COMMONLY HELD BELIEF ABOUT what to do if you or your partner have a discussion is usually DEAD WRONG ...and what to do instead.

  • Secret techniques that will help you in any NEGOTIATION

  • How to handle BIG EGOS successfully.

What's in there for YOUR RELATIONSHIPS?




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This remarkable book helps married couples and anyone who is
curious about unconventional relationships successfully
navigate the challenges (and delights!) of opening up —
taking their love to the next level of trust while enjoying
more confidence and freedom. Stop living your life by
default and live your relationships by choice.





Not fitting in the “classic relationship mold” isn’t easy. But it is even more challenging if you can tick more than one of the unconventional lifestyle checkboxes: Opening up, polyamory, kink and BDSM... WHILE being married!! This is a mix for thrill-seekers. 


Whilst there are amazing resources out there for each of these niches, it can be hard to put all the pieces together if your life has a blend of them. Because even in your peer groups, deep routed biases against other niches might exist; BDSM folks might be skeptical about having more than one partner, members of your poly support group might have their biases against kink and if you mention that you’re happily married with the knowledge, consent, and support from your spouse.. be prepared to see some raised eyebrows. Yet, it is perfectly possible to have all that and THRIVE!!




- Either your partner or you have an affair but you don’t want to break up or end the affair.
- Conventional solutions - such as getting a divorce right away when your partner acknowledges being in love with someone else - don't feel like the right choice.
- After getting married you've noticed that monogamy isn't for you.
- You want to open up your marriage and spice up your sex life but you need some help on how to do it. 
- You’re married but also into kink, polyamory or both.
- BDSM is a big part of your lifestyle and you want to align it with your relationships.
- You want to have the best of both worlds: Be married AND FREE
- You're in love with someone married and want to learn more about entering a couple’s dynamic. 
- You have an insatiable curiosity for thinking outside the box regarding traditional relationships.



BUT BE WARNED: Don't read this book IF...


- You think that you don't need to be aware of alternative relationship models in order to ENRICH YOUR LIFE and don't want to understand different ways of relating.
- You think that learning more about communication, empathy, and how to handle difficult emotions will IMPROVE your relationships and overall life TOO MUCH.
- You think that reclaiming your freedom and living an amazing and fulfilling relational and sexual life is just NOT FOR YOU.


Here's what people say who got a personal presentation to the content of this book

Carina Alencar


Axel is a trove of resources and stories when it comes to conscious kinky open relating and long term poly. He has such a graceful yet strong pillar of presence that is like the deepest bass note played in the ocean. I enjoy learning from him as he leads with authentic wonder and ease.


Toby R. Gibson

I am getting excited for the opportunity to finally read this book in its entirety.  Axel allowed me a rare glimpse as to what is hidden inside. It was definitely enough tease to make me want to come back for more. With his life knowledge of poly relationships and expansive knowledge of Ropes and BDSM. There is going to be one or more things that I will be learning and adding to my life.

Axel Blumenberg 


 Axel D. Blumenberg, PhD doesn’t live exclusively with his wife, in more than one joyful, happy, non-traditional relationship. He is a passionate advocate of ethical non-monogamy and personal freedom. He loves traveling, Japanese rope bondage, and embracing the delicious cuisine in Spain, the country that he has made his home. Coming from a professional background as a lawyer, he knows how to find unusual paths to happiness.


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